Thursday, August 11, 2011

This isn't going to work, I'm sure of it

I did get a call back yesterday after leaving many, MANY messages. At least Monica wasn't rude when I did finally hear from her. My aggravation with the whole situation may have been exacerbated by AF hormones (I hope they understand, I bet they get it a lot). However, I'm still pretty certain that this cycle will be a bust.

According to fertility friend my ovulation averages day 16, but for the last few cycles and since getting my TSH under control, it's been day 14, day 12 and day 13. They have scheduled me for a day 14 ultrasound with HCG shot to be administered by Lulu after the ultrasound and an IUI on day 15. Apparently this was done this way because there are no sonographers there on the weekend and Saturday is day 12 and Sunday is day 13, therefore Lulu just wants to see me on day 14. If she sees me then, will she just do an IUI after (H will be with me just in case)? Will they inseminate me the day after ovulation? Will they do nothing if we've missed ovulation altogether? This practice just seems like a joke to me.

I think I have decided what to do, but any opinions are welcome.

I have decided to do OPKs and then call the office if I surge prior to their scheduled timeline. However, if it is on the weekend (as it will likely be), I'm not sure what to do, will anyone even answer the phone? Will they have an answering service who will call and let Lulu know? She did say she did inseminations on Sundays and she did give us the option of calling when I surge on my own instead of the HCG shot.

I'm calling the results of this cycle in advance, it's going to be a bust! I've created a poll over in the right hand column, vote on how you thing IUI #1 will turn out for me!


  1. I'm sorry it is seeming so grim :( Maybe your cycle will play along with the madness- stress induced late ovulation?? Good Luck!

  2. I'm going with get pregnant naturally!!!

    So you and hubby get down to business every second day till you see that OPK ++ and then you two hit it all the freaking time. Stick your legs in the air and keep the swimmers going up!

    TMI? Sorry I hate using terms like "baby dancing". I'm not 12 lol.

  3. I'm voting for what I want to happen for you.

    You could get a positive OPK on Sunday and go in on Monday (our plan for a natural IUI will look like this).

    Even if it doesn't work this cycle, you have a plan!

  4. What kind of infertility clinic isn't open on the weekends?? Someone should at least be on call for situations like this! I hope everything works out and you don't ovulate early, good luck!

  5. *There is honestly pretty much no point of doing insemination post-ovulation unless you have JUST ovulated, b/c eggs only live for 12 hrs.
    *That is fucking ridiculous that they're not open on weekends.
    *I think tracking with OPKs and calling when you surge on your own is a good idea, but in the meantime, call them today and INSIST that you have an emergency number to call so that you can get the IUI done as soon as OPKs show you're surging.

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this shit!!

  6. My god how frustrating! Don't they want their patients to stay or what? Hope it all works out despite the messy system they got going.

  7. Frustrating! I say, definitely do the OPKs and see. Don't give up w/trying naturally if the IUI doesn't work out, it's worth a shot. Good luck!


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