Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting and waiting and waiting

7 dpIUI

I had a nice distraction this weekend. We went up to Colorado Springs for the weekend. We were supposed to go to a wedding in Minnesota but the trip got cancelled when plane tickets were found to be so expensive.  Because I had the weekend plus Thursday and Friday off work already, we went to the Springs instead.

We hung out with friends and family. We took a hike at 7 falls which was really climbing tons of stairs up the side of a cliff next to the falls. My calves and butt may never forgive me for that one. I got a bracelet I've always wanted from Tiffany's on a short trip we made up to Denver to have lunch with some friends. In general, we had a great relaxing time. We are going up again for Labor day this weekend. I took Friday off and we already have Monday off. 

But I'm still waiting and waiting to find out the results of this IUI. I feel nothing, no symptoms whatsoever (granted I'm only 7dpo). I'm already ready for the next one as H has agreed to make some changes. A friend that reads my blog let it slip out that I bagged on him a little in the last post, if he read it he would realize that it wasn't that bad, but after an argument, he agreed to make some changes. He took it easy on the alcohol this weekend, although we were with friends that we hardly ever see, and I know it was hard for him. He agreed to quit taking the workout supplements because he agreed that neither of us knew their effects on fertility. I didn't realize it, but he already quit taking pain medication. Also, he, on his own, went out and purchased the fertility vitamins that Lulu recommended. We're hoping for significantly better results next time. But ultimately we are still hoping that there won't need to be a next time.


  1. Doesn't it feel so good when your husband makes a choice on his own (especially regarding IF) and you don't have to nag/guilt them into it? I'm glad he's making some changes, but I'm with you... lets hope there isn't a 'next time'!!!

  2. I'm glad your hubby has decided to make some changes!

    Also, I had zero symptoms during the 2ww... post BFP, I had sore boobs, and it wasn't until 6w4d that I had ANY hint of nausea/vomiting (though after that, it was horrid). The point of this is don't lose hope if you don't have any "symptoms" right now!!

  3. So happy he made some changes!! It's early, like above, no symptoms till later on. Glad you had some distractions!

  4. It sounds like your husbands initial reaction was just a defense mechanism, and he's actually going to take this seriously. Great to hear. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

    Are you going to test?


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