Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The squeaky wheel gets the FREAKIN' GREASE!!!

With you guys backing me up, I called the clinic back with a "question" as to what I should do if I should happen to detect my LH surge prior to our scheduled appointment and I got a real answer after a day of waiting for them to call back.

When I first called yesterday, Monica, the not so lovely MA, gave me the following information:

Should I surge on Friday, I am to call the clinic and they will let Lulu know she has to come in Saturday to do an IUI for me, there will likely be no one else there so I will not have to wait.

Should I surge Sunday, I am to wait until Monday and call first thing in the morning to come in in the afternoon and because I already have an appointment with Lulu that day to administer the HCG shot post ultrasound (if I haven't surged already),  as they already have a time for me.

So I asked, "what do I do if I surge on Saturday?" Which was obviously the reason for my calling...(duh). And she told me she would have to call me back. Monica called back today to tell me that should I surge on Saturday, I could call Lulu's PERSONAL cell phone to ask her to come in Sunday to do an IUI for me. Bonus is that there will for sure be no one else there that day!

I'm so excited that this now looks like this will happen! I can't believe I had to go through all of this to get here though, they act like no one has ever ovulated on the weekend before!

If they think they can fuck with me again though...they're wrong. If they do, I will strongly consider putting her personal cell phone number up on the internet! (just kidding...sort of)


  1. Works everytime!!!! I hope everything goes smoothly- I can't wait to hear how things turn out!!!

  2. Yay for being persistent!!! Wishing you the best this weekend!

  3. Way to stick with it and be your own best advocate!!

  4. Good I'm glad you called and got that straightened out!! I hope everything goes well!

  5. Haha! Glad things are planned out now wonderfully. Such a process, it seems. Thinking of you!!! Baby dust to you.

  6. Hope it all goes smoothly =)


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