Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Particularly Horrible...

That's just not what you want to hear when going into any medical procedure.

After preparing H's semen/sperm yesterday, Lulu and Monica came in to do the IUI. They said that H's volume/count/motility were "particularly horrible" and that his previous SAs were "deceivingly optimistic". My brain shut down after that.... I didn't catch any numbers but I did hear "might be sufficient".

However, She still went ahead with the IUI and let me tell you, the internet and you guys lie!!!! It was painful!!! She said it was so bad because I had a little stenosis (narrowing) of the cervix. Which Dr. Google tells me can be a result of the cryosurgery. She said that she had to push the catheter to get it past this point, but that it should open it up a bit.

She too noticed my EWCM and said that it looked great and that H and I should have sex for the next two days to improve our odds. That was not about to happen last night though. I bled and bled on the ride home. I was only given a pantyliner and bled through it onto my underwear, pants and carseat. It was really as heavy as a period flow. Since I was driving through the desert, there was nowhere to stop. The procedure was done around 4:00 PM and the bleeding slowed around 8-9 PM and the cramping stopped at about 10:00. This morning it is about gone.

Even though she said that we still had a small chance of being successful with this cycle, yesterday was the first time I really got upset about the whole thing and I blew up at H when he got home last night. I really just freaked out on him out of frustration. I have to monitor my cycle, get jabbed with needles and go through a painful procedure because of him. Yet he does nothing to improve things.

I'd like for him to:
1. Lay off the painkillers, he's had multiple joint surgeries including both shoulders and total ankle reconstruction and I understand that he's in pain but he just uses them occassionally, I think he could quit altogether
2. He needs to back off on the exercise. He exercises too much which I think aggrivates the problems with his joints and that much running can't be good for the boys especially because of the vericocele. Also, because of exercising, he takes multiple workout supplements and I'm not sure that some of the side effects of those supplements couldn't be contributing to the problems.
3. Quit drinking altogether. Apparently, H missed his college phase because he was in the military, but still being in the military turned him into quite the drinker. He doesn't drink often, but when he does, he is incapable of having just one or two beers.

He has yet to really change his lifestyle since finding out his numbers were low, I think we were both hopeful that with a little assistance things would be ok and that he wouldn't need to.

I'm hoping that H's numbers were low because of the amount of alcohol he consumed last night and not for any other reason. He told me that our neighbor's kidnapped him and forced him to drink...12 beers...that's right, I said 12! It's not exactly his fault because neither he nor I thought about the effects that it could have had on today's procedure. He says he's kicking the habit for the next month as well as doing a few other things to improve our odds. He said that he feels like he has to live someone else's life to be able to get me pregnant, and though I don't think this will kill him, he sure acts like it will.

Sorry this turned out to be a bit of a rambling post. Needless to say, I'm not feeling real positive about this cycle.


  1. UGH!

    1. Tell lulu or whatever her name is to keep her description of things to herself. What an unprofessional way to deliver news. The facts you can figure out on your own. What a dumbass.

    2. Hubby needs to lay off alllll the stuff you said. It's a couple months. You go through the invasive procedures, he can get his swimmers healthy. Fu&% men are stupid sometimes lol

    Despite the #'s hoping it works out for you this month!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear his numbers are low but what is wrong with the staff at this place?? I thought each one of my IUI's was very painful and I bled a little but not as much as you, poor thing! I hope your hubby will start to take this all seriously and do his part!

  3. I'm so sorry! We had a similar sperm issue one month, but it was an isolated thing- it was much better the other five times.... Not great the other times, but better.

    Hubs has stopped drinking, every once in awhile he'll have one beer, but that's the limit- for the WEEK! his count has improved from this and the decrease in ad.vil use. It was a hard transition, but once he sat down and realized everything I'd given up, he didn't really have a choice.

    Annnddd..... Holy hell, what the F is wrong with LuLu and her delivery of not so good news?!?

    I'm sorry yesterday was so hellish- thinking if you, and crossing my fingers the 2ww goes quickly!!!

  4. ugh.. im so sorry your IUI was painful. I have had 3 and none were painful. But I did experience LOTS of cramping all the days after the procedure. Totally sucked. But hang in there! Think positive!! I had my 3rd IUI today so I'll be with you in the 2ww. =)

    we gotta think BABY..BABY..BABY!!

    And as for your hubby, maybe he's just trying to drink away this "problem.". maybe its his way of dealing with it. I don't know. You should have a talk with him and let him know that you're not fond of his drinking and show him articles saying that alcohol can bring your sperm level down. My husband has a poor sperm count. And I just read up on what we could do to help increase it. Just talk with him and im sure he'll do it for you! =)

  5. First off, how incredibly unprofessional of Lulu. BAD doctor. Also, it definitely could be an isolated event, so try not to stress about it.

    The sperm "coming out" are actually from 90 days prior (so that's how long it takes to see a change from adjusting your daily life), so honestly, him drinking the night before isn't going to cause an issue.

    We didn't have SA issues, but my hubby routinely drinks 12 beers in a sitting, it's his way of de-stresing, so don't think your husband is the only one! That being said, since your husband DOES have issues, he definitely needs to make a change.

    Honestly, I think the painkillers and excessive exercise (causing hot balls!) would cause more issues than the alcohol. Has your hubby ever considered seeing an acupuncturist? That could help as well, and mine had great suggestions for what he could do to help increase his count/quality of sperm.

    Your husband feels like he has to live someone else's life to get you pregnant? Does he think YOUR idea of your life was monitoring and shots and doctor's appointments?!! Guys are so dense sometimes.

    All that being said, I still have hope for you this cycle. It only takes one!!

  6. Oh I'm sorry you had such a bad time with the procedure. I had a little bleeding after my IUIs but not as bad as this. Unbelievable.

    I really hope your hubby is willing to make some changes to his lifestyle to improve his count. Sometimes there are freak occurrences with counts. During our IUIs my DH's count and motility was fine, good even, but then when we did our first IVF the doc described them as 'sluggish' and we had surprise ICSI.

    Fingers crossed for you with the cycle x x x

  7. LOL, Josey's hot balls comment made me laugh.

    Anyways, I totally understand your frustration. Hubby needs to start NOW to see results in 3 months..that's just the reality of it. It takes two to make a baby, and he needs to make some adjustments too. Hopefully he sees the importance of it, and after laying off those things for a month, he'll realize it's not a huge deal.


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