Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clothes, a bag, and a 10 mm uterine lining!

I flew out to Las Vegas for the day today, in fact, I'm still here sitting on a bench looking for something to do. 

I got here at 9:00 for my 10:00 appointment. I think I ovulated on the drive to the airport, I had some unusual cramping. I had my estrodiol drawn, which is apparently perfect, but I have no idea the level, they checked for cysts and found nothing, and Dr. Sher checked my uterine lining and found it to be a perfectly plump triple stripe 10 mm. All in all everything is looking great! The lab did manage to delay my estrodiol draw from Thursday but the clinic did get it on Friday...different lab, same company. 

I left the clinic with nothing else on my agenda and headed to the outlet mall. Had a brief lunch with a friendly bartender at Outback. I have updated my 3 year old purse in favor of a larger one that will function part time as a diaper bag. I also updated some of my work shirts as the ones I wear ons a regular basis have started to disintegrate. 

Ready to head home but can't move my flight up. 

Will be back here on Thursday for transfer day and a day of recommended bedrest. My parents plan to drive out to see us, but mostly Ethan. Should be an adventure filled week.


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