Monday, May 4, 2015


It wouldn't be normal for me to have a cycle that went smoothly, so of course this isn't out of the ordinary for me. I have spent the day trying to get the lab to send my TSH and estrodiol results to the clinic. The blood was drawn on Friday and the order stated STAT, but the clinic still does not have the results. 

I called the lab today and asked about the results but they said that they only do estrodiol testing STAT for IVF patients. I damn near lost my mind in the phone with the woman when I told  her that I was in fact an IVF patient. This was on top of the fact that I called the clinic before I went in, asked when I was there, and then called in the afternoon and was told all three times that the clinic would have the results before the end of the day. 

Apparently this lab has told the local doctors to order the labwork using special wording so that it gets done the same day, otherwise the STAT order is ignored. 

The woman in the phone called the Sher institute and got confirmation that I was an IVF patient and the results will be in tomorrow morning. However I can not take my estrogen shots until we have the results. I don't even know what I will do if they tell me that this cycle is a wash after all of this.


  1. Oh man, other people's incompetency drives me insane. I'm so sorry this is so stressful for you. Deep breaths - you've done what you can now to move this process along.

  2. Ridiculous that they are making you wait another day! Thinking of you and hoping for great results!


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