Friday, May 1, 2015

And it all starts over again...

Today was cycle day one of our FET cycle to transfer our remaining embryo. I had my TSH checked as well as my estrodiol which was quickly followed up by a transvaginal ultrasound. I have no idea the results of any of the testing and although the results were supposed to be sent STAT to the clinic, because I sent a message to check, they emailed me to say they had not received anything. I suppose that I will have to spend part of my Saturday running around or calling around.

I expect these things to be rather straightforward after how many times I've had them done, so when something is different it really throws me for a loop. The ultrasound tech started off by sitting me down to tell me what we're going to be doing and asking if I'd had it done before. When I said that if had a transvaginal ultrasound done "plenty" of times, I got to play 20 question as to why I was there. Although I was in a mood, I felt I was polite and answered her questions but she was really questioning my history like there was something she could do about it or maybe something I hadn't thought of. Maybe I was unjustifiably paranoid though. Then she asked me to put the wand in myself, she didn't even look under the sheet. I really wanted to tell her that my modesty regarding these types of procedures is totally absent after everything I've been through, but refrained.

Anyway, I hope the remainder of this treatment cycle goes better than this first day.

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  1. How goofy that a medical professional would be sort of overly modest in that situation. People can be so bizarre. Fingers crossed for you this FET cycle!


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