Friday, May 29, 2015

No news yet

I had my blood draw this morning and the clinic "has the results". They have not given me the number or a yay or nay. I'm trying not to read too much into the email as it is just a single sentence but the fact that it is a "results" with an "s" leads me to believe the number is double digits, rather than say "0".

I've decided not to ask them to break their protocol by giving me my number, so I tried to get it myself from the lab, I have not been successful, they will eventually email it to me, but the lab said that it could take up to 30 helpful.

So I stopped at the drug store on the way home and bought a freaking $20 set of two tests. I plan to take one tonight after holding my pee for several hours and then again in the morning with first morning urine. 

I'll be back tomorrow to fill you all in on the results.


  1. I thought about you this morning and wondered what you decided! Looking forward to hearing :)

  2. On pins and needles for you!


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