Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They still couldn't get it right.

I just assumed that the woman I spoke with yesterday at the lab was competent...I was wrong. 

The clinic still did not have my estrodiol results today by noon. I called the lab again and they guy who answered could find no record of the order at all! Instead of pushing it through, she cancelled the order altogether. Luckily he found the original order, relabeled it with there screwed up wording, pushed it through and walked it to the lab himself. 

I got an email from three different people at the clinic at about 3:30 and was able to start my estrogen injections tonight.

I have not researched FET meds like I did for IVF, in just assuming they know what they are doing, even if I do not. 

I'm currently taking Synthroid for my thyroid, an oral steroid because of my screwed up immune system, I'm taking lupron to suppress my brains controlling my own hormones, I'm taking folic acid to avoid neural tube defects, I'm taking lovenox to prevent miscarriage and help with implantation due to testing positive for antiphospheloid antibodies, and estrogen to prep my uterus for implantation. That's two injections and three pills daily. Although it looks like the estrogen is only every few days.

I gave myself the intramuscular injection of estrogen as Nate is still out of town. This is the second time j gave myself an intramuscular so I had to watch a video to make sure I got it right. Hurt like a bitch! Can't wait for progesterone injections!


  1. Ugh, incompetence is so frustrating! I'm glad it finally got worked out.

  2. Glad you finally got answers and this cycle is back on track! All those shots, yuck, but hopefully you will be pregnant after this cycle!!!!!!!!


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