Thursday, May 28, 2015

I get it....

...but come on!

I contacted the clinic by email yesterday and got a response. I had asked why I was told the results of my first beta with Ethan but wouldn't be this time.

This is the response I got:

"The reason we do not tell you if you are pregnant or not after the first beta test is because it is not what the number is, it is what it does over those two days between the first and second beta test. Your first beta test could come back positive but if the second beta test does not quadruple between those two tests, then you are not pregnant. At your request, we can give you the result of your first beta test, we just cannot speculate whether or not you are pregnant until we get that second beta test."

I know that there is a possibility of a chemical pregnancy, I just think that I need to know at the earliest possible time what direction we are headed in. 

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  1. ugh, so frustrating. I hope they can at least give you the level since you requested it. What a pain.


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