Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On testing...

With Ethan, I did not test prior to my first beta, but then proceeded to test regularly for the next several days, even after my second beta. However, I was just rereading the notes at the bottom of my calendar. The first beta is scheduled for this Friday, the second for next Tuesday, and the note says that they will not call with the results until after the second beta!

The last time the doctor himself called me the afternoon after the first beta and then again after the second. I did get the results myself but at a beta of 25, but at 10 days after retrieval I wasn't sure if this was still the trigger shot. I was so happy to hear the news directly from the doc.

I need opinions! I should first say that I do not intend to test at home prior to my beta.

Do I...

1. Get the results from the lab myself 
2. Buy a test and test at home that day
3. Request that the doc call that day
4. Wait until after the second beta
5. Contact the clinic and ask why they have changed protocols


  1. First, good for you for being strong and not testing prior to beta day- I'm impressed! In your situation I would: do #5, request # 3 and depending on that, I'd do #1 or #2... Or both. For me, #4 wouldn't be an option, but I also tested days before my beta with both of my IVF cycles, so maybe I don't have the best advice :)

  2. #4 wouldn't be an option for me. I would definitely want the results (not necessarily from the dr but from someone) the afternoon of your first beta.

  3. I probably would just call them, because I hate waiting and wondering. I can't wait to hear your results!!!


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