Monday, September 19, 2011

Believing in Infertility

I had a great trip this weekend. I went to Las Vegas for some training and H got to go with me. He was perfectly gracious to boss lady during the whole trip :D

Here are some highlights from the trip:
  • Staying at Ceasa.r's Palace
  • Free tickets to see "O" by Cir.que du S.oliel at the Belagi.o->It was fantastic, I've been waiting years to see one of their shows
  • A new piece of luggage purchased with the initials LV (wink wink) all over it-> an early Christmas present
  • A new purse with C's all over it (wink wink again)-> a late Birthday present
  • Fantastic weather (although I barely spent any time outside)
  • Having H with me on his first big Audiology trip
Here is a picture and a video from this weekend. They got Suzie Mc.Neil to perform. Apparently she is an up-and-coming music artist, but I'd never heard of her before. Regardless, she was very good and performed a lot of well known covers.

The very nice pool/s that I didn't get to swim in, but were just off our balcony

 Sorry, my video wouldn't upload, so sorry you don't get to see audiologists dance. This is the teaser video for the convention.

As H was with me for most of the weekend, each person we met and introduced ourselves to asked us if we had kids. Again and again and again and again we were asked this question.

One night, in a semi-drunken...ok, ok, definitely drunken...state, I finally said "we're infertile, we're trying, but having a hard time getting pregnant". Initially the girl gave me the "just relax" speech, as is expected. But then when I said we were seeking ART, she told me that she didn't believe in infertility. My drunken witty self was able to come up with the immediate response of "It's like gravity, just because you don't believe in it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist".  Unfortunately, this didn't end the conversation as I had hoped....she has 3 kids and can't be older than 30, and was drunk as well (can you blame her) what did I expect?

Side note: H's Urology consult got moved up to Oct. 3rd <-Yay

Second Side note: My U/S is tomorrow and IUI is Wednesday, wish me good luck!


  1. If only they could just keep their mouths shut! Good Luck tomorrow, I hope everything looks great!

  2. How do you NOT believe in infertility? Beeyatch. Glad you were able to come up with a good zinger back :) I am seriously shaking my head at that girl right now. Oy vey.

  3. I really hate people sometimes!

    By the way, I totally loved the show Rockstar INXS. Suzie was my absolute favorite! I've been wondering if she was ever going to show up anywhere again. Her songs look a lot poppier than the stuff she sang on Rockstar, which I loved.

    Glad you got some fun presents in Vegas. The shopping there is pretty intense!

  4. Doesn't BELIEVE in infertility?! That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. WTF?? It's a proven medical condition! #&@*($&@(

    Glad you had a good time in Las Vegas overall - looks awesome!!!

    Good luck with the IUI - I can't believe it's already that time again! Nice to have normal length cycles at least. :)

  5. Ugh! What is wrong with people? It's a diagnosed medical condition - it sounds like you handled it way better than I would have!

    Glad you had a great trip, other than that!

  6. Well, some people think they know what they are talking about even if you prove them wrong..
    Good luck on todays scan and the iui tomorrow!

  7. WTF? How can you not believe in infertility? It's not like Santa Claus for f%cks sake! Best of luck on your IUI- my fingers are crossed as always!!


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