Monday, September 26, 2011

Surprise Ovulation

So after all that happened last week, I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday on CD 18, 5 days late. OPK was positive on Friday and Saturday (CD 16 + 17) then my temperature rose today.

I don't know if this makes me more frustrated or less with this cycle.

I made no attempt to contact Lulu because it was the weekend and the office is essentially closed, although I do have her cell phone number. I felt uncomfortable with our odds this cycle and determined that we should save the cash and take this month off. However, H and I did try au naturale.

Now for some math:

I've been told that follicles grow about 2mm per day at that time during my cycle. If this is true, with most follicles at 10 mm on day 13, then 5 days later, my largest follicle would have been around 20mm at the time of ovulation, plenty large enough to contain a mature egg.

If this cycle lasts 28 days, my LP will be 10 days. My longest cycle (since I've been tracking) was 31 days, making my LP 13 days. However, my longest LP was 16 days. Regardless of how you look at it, I think it will be impossible to determine when to expect AF and if/when to test.

If AF doesn't show by October 10th, I'll test. That's H and I's second wedding anniversary, day 32 of this cycle and a 14 day LP.

Side note: We had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ yesterday. It was very relaxing. Maybe that'll help ;)


  1. Damn ovulation never being there when you need it! Maybe you will get an awesome anniversary present, I hope so!!

  2. Why did your doc not want to put you on progesterone support to help support implantation/lengthen your LP? There are no cons to it - only pros... so I'm confused why she wouldn't do it.

    This guy does really great articles about everything fertility protocol related.

    Congrats on the late ovulation - late is better than none for sure!!!

  3. Surprise!!! Hopefully there's enough "au naturale" in the mix to give you guys a fighting chance... Congrats on o-ing!

  4. Of course the BBQ will help =)
    Seriously, hope you get the best surprise on your anniversary. That would be awesome.

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