Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ups and Downs

Just as IF has it's ups and downs, apparently so does my thyroid.

I, out of pure coincidence, had been thinking about having my TSH checked again found an order to have my TSH checked that was to be completed in August. I went two weeks ago to have the blood draw and then (thinking it insignificant) forgot to check up on the results. As I no longer plan to see the Doc who gave me the order, I never heard from him about the results.

Yesterday, I remembered having had the blood drawn and requested a copy of the results.

Not good...not good at all.

My TSH (after having been 8.0 followed by 5.0) had been down to 1.7, well within an appropriate range while TTC.

Yesterday it was <0.01!!!!!!

Essentially 0!!! Extreme Hyperthyroidism.

This lab says anything between 0.35 and 3.5 is normal.

There were explanation points and footnotes all over the results.

I decided (after consulting the doc I work for) that I need to take a trip over to the local endocrynologist. I have yet to make an appointment. I also decided to lower my own dose of Synthroid to a previous prescription.

Could it be that I never actually had hypothyroidism? Could it be that I am overdosing myself with Synthroid? Could it be that there is actually some larger problem looming in the shadows????

I don't know, but I'm hoping for the best, meaning off these meds altogether.

Worst case scenerio...My thyroid has some major problems and I have to use radioactive iodine to kill it (no joke, this is a real thing). This would mean no pregnancy allowed in the next 6-12 months.

I'm going to forget that this happened and pretend like everything is normal until further notice.


  1. What a mess!! Did you have all if the draws at a similar time if day? I've read that time and what you've eaten can play with the results some. I LOVE the last line if your post, it's pretty much how I'm approaching life these days!

  2. Well jeez! Your thyroid has multiple personality disorder. Good luck!

  3. Try not to worry too much. I think fluctuations are normal, and from what I've read, levels can be affected by everything, including time of day of the draw, fiber in your diet, how closely you take your vitamins after your meds, I've even read estrogen levels can have an effect. My numbers were 5.? when I was diagnosed subclinical a year and a half ago, down to 3.5, then between 1-2 for almost a year, 0.5 in July, and most recently 2.5 in September. I think seeing an endocrinologist is a great idea, but I definitely think you should not panic until further notice!

  4. I'm glad you checked on those results!! And I hope it was just a normal fluctuation like Jen said. Good luck girl!

  5. Ugh, what a shitter. :( I'm glad you checked the levels though and can be proactive about getting things back in wack. I like Jen's advice above!

  6. What is going on! I hope things get back on track soon and there's nothing to worry about. So, does this mean you need to wait with the next iui? That would be crappy since you just got started!


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