Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is horse shit!!!

Just got done with my follicle scan. It's cd13 and I have 4 follicles at 10 mm, none larger than that. Tomorrow's IUI was cancelled as she believes this to be an anovulatory cycle. Probably from my TSH being so low.

Another month down the drain.

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  1. Yes, yes it is. Effing sucks. Is there a chance that things are just moving along slowly? I mean, maybe those ten-sies are late bloomers? Do you plan on OPKing just in case?

    I'm so sorry. Bad news blows.

  2. ARGH! That completely blows. I'm so sorry!!

  3. Shit that is terrible news. I am so sorry. Do they have any ideas how to fix this for next cycle?

  4. Awh FuCK, that sucks. I had a bunch of those anovulatory cycles, and there is nothing more frustrating than knowing you don't even have a CHANCE that cycle. *sigh* I'm sorry hon.

  5. Oh crap! How frustrating this must be for you guys. It really suck.

  6. That is horse shit! I'm sorry. Damn TSH! Can't our bodies just work? Is that really too much to ask?!


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