Thursday, September 29, 2011

A different kind of two week wait

My receptionist "L", told me about her daughter "M" the other day. She came into my office and closed the door and told me M was pregnant. She did so out of the kindness of her heart so that I wouldn't be blindsided with the news. It was very kind and thoughtful of her to let me know. She knows of our struggles because she has to work with me to get my schedule straightened out for every doctor visit I have.

L had just found out that M was pregnant with her second child. When M gave birth to her first little girl she was was 17, in high school, and living with L still. M dropped out of high school and got her GED and is now living with her boyfriend, the father of her first child. M was just gearing up to start college classes this fall. Apparently, back in February of this year, M was weaning her daughter "R" from breastfeeding. R was about 1 year old. M was on low estrogen birth control and hadn't been having periods due to breastfeeding. M never switched to regular birth control.

About 2 weeks ago, M went to the doctor because she still wasn't having periods. It turns out she was pregnant *insert sigh here* and she didn't know it. She is now 18. She gave birth today to her second daughter. She now has 2 girls under the age of 2.

I thought for sure "I didn't know I was Preg.nant", the TV show couldn't happen to actual people. Granted, M had 2 weeks to prepare, it's sort of the same thing.

What I wouldn't give for that kind of fertility. Just call me Jealous.


  1. When we spend every second of the two week wait over analyzing every cramp & twinge, it is completely mind blowing that someone could be full term and not know it. Really wild!

  2. Ummm.... she noticed at 8 months? And only because AF never showed??? Surely even teenagers from Nowhere, NM understand the birds and the bees... and that no, you're not just fat. Surely....

    Make that "Jealous, Party of Two."

  3. Ya, stories like that are crazy. Honestly, it happened to one of my very best friends - we were 18 and it was her 2nd child, and she didn't know she was pregnant until her water broke. She was a size 6 and only gained like 5#. Crazy shit.

  4. Wow, those stories still shock me. It doesn't seem fair...

  5. Are you serious?? I can't even imagine going through this whole pregnancy and not "noticing". Wow is all I can say.

  6. Make that a party of three. Sounds so surreal this happens. But obviously it does.

  7. So not fair. I heard of a story the other day of a girl in memphis who we know who got pregnant and "miscarried" at 4 months. turns out she didn't miscarry-she had an abortion. I was so upset and still am. we would have adopted that baby is 2 seconds flat! Sometimes life is so hard to understand and I am struggling w it big time this week!


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