Monday, September 12, 2011


I've had some fabulous weekends recently and keep meaning to post about them. 

This past weekend, Mary's little girl Junebug turned two. Mary had a little party for her and made ice cream cone cupcakes and all the kids got to make a little painting to take home. Everyone had fun. I mean, how much party does a 2 year old really need. After a little while, I wasn't able to help do anything and felt out of place being without a kid to wrangle and without a husband to talk to (he didn't want to come and was out of town for the morning). Also, a couple of the kids were running crazy and torturing Mary's cat and in general, just being obnoxious. So I decided to leave a little early.

A frosting mustache...just as it should be on a birthday for a 2 year old

Awfully neat for a 2 year old, don't you think? I mean she used the brushes and everything!
That night the local Zoo (yes, a town of 30,000 has a little zoo) had a gathering for local military families. They had blow up bouncy houses and slides, McGruff the dog and Smokey the bear were there and there was food. There were a few other activities that we didn't really even get around to.  The best part was that it was free. Mary asked me to come to help keep an eye on her kids (single mom, two kids=not enough hands sometimes) but I had a great time myself and got in free too with my military ID. It was great weather and crowded, but not too much so. All the kids from the party earlier met up at the zoo. With more space to run, the obnoxious kids didn't seem as bad.

I rounded out the weekend by having a couple over to our house for dinner last night. A military couple, without kids....who could have imagined that?!?!!? I felt a little more even-keeled with adults around after having spent the whole previous day around kids. H's friend was in the same shop as him when H was still enlisted. His friend dating a new girl and we hadn't seen him in a while. So we invited them over. I made burgers and a mexican layered dip. Yum, Yum, it was good! After dinner, we sat in the backyard and continued to enjoy the nice weather and a few beers. The girlfriend and I have been instructed by the boys to be friends so that they can go do boy things like hunting and whatnot together and leave us girls behind, I guess to tend to the house and non-existant children!

I went to bed early to rest up for this week. I'm in Roswell for work today (a two hour drive). And H and I are headed to Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon. I have to go for training and a big convention and my boss asked if H would like to come. I would have had a room to myself, so why not? Then Boss Lady said that she would pay for his flight and for him to attend Cirque du Soliel with the group. Needless to say we took her up on the offer. I hope that H acts grateful as I have asked him to be.

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