Friday, September 30, 2011

Surgery Woes

H had his consult with the urologist today for his Vericocele. I couldn't go. The appointment wasn't supposed to be until Oct. 31. Then last week, they moved it up to Oct. 3rd. Then this Monday, they moved it up to today, Friday. I can't get out of work without, at bare minimum, 2 weeks notice. I haven't taken a sick day in the 3+ years I've worked there.

He went, by himself, like a big kid.

He was texting me all morning telling me how slow they were running and that he still hadn't seen the doc at 9:45 for a 8:30 appointment. Then, when I finally had to go see my own patients, he texted me 5 times while he was trying to schedule the surgery for Vericocelectomy. I couldn't answer so he scheduled it on his own for next Thursday.

I have to work next usual. And can't get off usual. But this time, it is impossible for me to get off. My boss has spent thousands of dollars on marketing for a seminar to get new patients in. I am the speaker for the seminar and several of the attendees have appointments with me afterwards, so there is the potential for many sales and no one to cover and no way to reschedule.

H could reschedule for the following Thursday, but I am already scheduled to go to Phoenix for training, plane tickets purchased, hotel reserved, and all monies paid (non-refundable, of course).

H made me feel really horrible for not being able to go with him for the surgery.

He reminded me of the fact that for the last 3 surgeries he has had while we've been together (two shoulder surgeries, and one major ankle surgery) I have not been able to go. But those were with the VA and he had no other choice of days. And he is a horrible sick guy, he is just miserable for the whole recovery. His dad had told me about his first shoulder surgery and offered to come take care of him.

He could do this surgery on a Tuesday, but doesn't want to miss the whole week of work and school.

If he doesn't get it done in the next 2 weeks, it could be a while before they can get him back in.

Luckily, his dad drives the 7-8 hour trip to take him and bring him back and stay for a day or two every time he needs surgery. He can come next Thursday.

But...I'm sure I'll never hear the end of this.


  1. That sucks. It is awesome that H's dad can come help out, but having it hanging over you head for the foreseeable doesn't sound so nice. The things is, nothing is fair with infertility and we all have to make sacrifices- at least that is what I tell my husband when he thinks he should get to whine about something :)

  2. That sucks. :( I understand having major work commitments...but it might be time to TAKE a sick day. I think sometimes people (myself included) pride ourselves so much on never taking a sick day that we don't use them when we SHOULD (and i'm not saying b/c you're actually sick even *grin*). Not that you can change today, but today is the perfect example... since you didn't have a major seminar or travel planned. Remember that all of these appointments and procedures are just as had for the guys to go through alone as us...and maybe more so because we're usually more informed about what is going on.

  3. That is a tough spot to be in. I'm glad his dad can come help you guys!

  4. Crappy timing. But great the surgery will be done so soon.

  5. Arg. It always sucks when the hubs ends up with something to hold over us.

    It's hard- Dr Boy also has a job that's RIDICULOUS tough to get out of on short notice, especially because he's only been there 6 months and doesn't have a lot of favors to call in yet. I'd like to think I don't give him much of a hard time for it, but I may need to make sure of that a little better.

    I also don't like having to rely on my FIL so I do NOT envy you.

  6. Thanks for the support on our decision to adopt from Ethiopia! We are thrilled! :)

    Have a blessed week. ~J

  7. That's a really tough situation for both of you- work and taking time off just seems to make fertility treatments that much harder! It's good that his dad is coming to help out though-hope the surgery goes well and he recovers quickly :)

  8. Hope all goes well and he has a smooth recovery. He should cut you a little slack for being in a tough spot. All in all he'll get it done and the scheduling issue will just be small potatoes after the fact. Keep us posted!


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