Friday, September 9, 2011

Locavore-ing it up

I'm a bit of a locavore. If you've never heard of this, it's a relatively new word meaning that I buy and consume local products and produce from local stores and farmer's markets rather than chain stores as much as possible.

Although my tolerance for alcohol is very reduced since basically cutting it out completely since TTC I do enjoy the occasionally beer. In fact CD1 brings out the alcoholic in me some months.

I started spotting last night after work.

If you've never seen it before, I'll be the first to introduce you to "Roswe.ll Al.ien Ale".

I'm without makeup, but very excited to indulge!

Alien Bottle Caps
Sierra Blanca Brewery is within 100 miles of where we live and brews this beer (along with a few others). It's one of my favorites and is an amber ale with a lot of flavor. In fact, H and I like it so much we had a keg of it at our rehearsal dinner prior to our wedding.  

If you ever make it to New Mexico, you have to look for it. All the grocery stores in southern New Mexico carry it.


  1. mmmmmm beer. Is that an Iowa shirt you have on??

  2. I love the packaging! Local beers are always my favorite :) Well, local anything for that matter!


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