Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expensive distractions

So our fridge exploded this morning...well maybe it was just the water filter.

The fan in the fridge broke this weekend. I attempted to repair it, but then decided we needed to hire someone so that I didn't electrocute myself, so we did. But because he is waiting for a part he left the adjustment mechanism detached partway allowing the coolness from the freezer to get into the fridge. Many bottles of water and other things were frozen yesterday. However, I heard a loud crack as I was waking up but didn't know what it was. We soon found out that the water filter in the fridge that filters the water for the door dispenser had frozen and the plastic casing around it cracked off.

So, in addition to whatever we are paying the repair man to fix the fan, I just spent $50 to order a piece of plastic to fix the new problem. Hopefully both parts get here soon and it gets fixed so that the filter doesn't unfreeze and start spewing water in the fridge. I probably did save some money by ordering the part myself instead of calling the repair man again.

In addition to the fridge, we hired some landscapers to put in an additional garden bed for next summer and to pour concrete an area between our house and our neighbor's house. They did the work in a day and a half, man they're quick!!! I'm excited for next summer already as the new garden is twice the size of the one we have.

We also have someone coming to replace the shower in our master bathroom, it's small and gross even though the house is only 4 years old, they way that it is installed makes it impossible to clean. I'm not sure when this will be happening, but probably soon.

I guess I can consider myself lucky to have distractions while I wait for my next appointment. I was just hoping for free distractions...you know, a good movie on TV or working on another craft project around the house, maybe knitting a little bit.

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